SnapiLABs Internship

Here is an opportunity to gain the experience and skills you need to set up your own tech business empire for FREE.  Introducing 3 months intensive internship opportunity where you will come behind the scene with the SnapiLABs team and learn as you work on real-life projects. You will be walked through over 20 unique internet business models and startups with complete blueprint and step by step execution plans.

What You Will Learn:

 During the 3 months period, working on real-life projects on location, you will acquire skills and hands-on experience in:
>Content Development & Publishing
>Front End Web Design & Graphics
>Back End Dev (Programming)
>Product Creation
>Sales Funnel Creation
>Content Management Systems
>Traffic & SEO
>Web Analytics
>App Development
>School Automation Business
>Hotel Automation Business
>Hospital Automation Business
>Mobile Marketing
>Computer Based Testing Setup Business
>eCommerce & Payments Integration
>Mobile Game Development
>Project Management
>Process Automation
>Branding & Positioning

Our Process

Intern Onboarding

Intensive Training

Clients Jobs

Your Project

Graduation & Incubation

Do You Have What It Takes?

To apply, send an SMS: ‘My name is <your name> and I have what it takes to be an intern’ to 08031502484. You will get further instructions about the screening process.
We will accept just 5 interns this session.