Join Us For A 3 Months Internship

Join Us For A 3 Months Internship
Here is an opportunity to gain the experience and skills you need to set up your own tech business empire for FREE.  Introducing 3 months intensive internship opportunity where you will come behind the scene with the SnapiLABs team and learn as you work on real-life projects.
 What You Will Learn
During the 3 months period, working on real-life projects on location, you will acquire skills and hands-on experience in:
>Content Development & Publishing
>Front End Web Design & Graphics
>Back End Dev (Programming)
>Product Creation
>Sales Funnel Creation
>Content Management Systems
>Traffic & SEO
>Web Analytics
>App Development
>School Automation Business
>Hotel Automation Business
>Hospital Automation Business
>Mobile Marketing
>Computer Based Testing Setup Business
>eCommerce & Payments Integration
>Mobile Game Development
>Project Management
>Process Automation
>Branding & Positioning
>Your own laptop computer (A Must)
>Hard Working – the training is intense
>Passion For Tech & Netpreneurship
>Willingness To Go The Extra Mile
>Ability To Follow Simple Instructions
>Ability To Work Unsupervised & Under Pressure
>Long term oriented – Building a business takes time. If you are looking for a quick ‘come, chop and clean mouth’ business opportunity to pay off a bill or debt hanging on your neck, then this is not for you.
>Full-time participation -As you can see, it’s an intensive internship program. You need to be on ground full time for the 3 months period. (When I mean full time, its full time – even when you are not at the hub, you will be given assignments and side projects – so its full time). Not for students, workers, etc. (The only day FREE is Sunday and some Saturdays)
>No previous knowledge required – as far as you can browse the internet, you have what it takes. Though any previous knowledge or experience will be an added advantage.
>No money required – We are not charging a dime from you. There is no hidden charge or software to buy. You will even have access to our common pool of books and tools. There is absolutely no hidden charge. Its a Win-Win. You learn and work for the hub at the same time.
>Open to both sexes – male and female
>A steep learning curve with new exciting tasks every day
>Your own projects and lots of responsibility
>A young and dynamic team, where your ideas count
You will be walked through over 20 unique internet business models and startups with complete blueprint and step by step execution plans.
You will have the opportunity to come behind the scenes and work one on one with the team members in the same room.
This internship is on site/ on location at our new lab in Port Harcourt.
(Open to only interns who reside within PH or can arrange for their accommodation in PH during the period.)
At the end of the internship, you will have the opportunity to join us full time. During the internship, you will embark on your own project and by the time you are done, you will launch your own profitable tech business.
If we are to charge for this, we will not charge anything less than N450k. But we are doing this for FREE. N/B: The hub can only accommodate 5 interns for now. (We will take only 5 people).
Do you have what it takes?

To apply, send an SMS: ‘My name is <your name> and I have what it takes to be an intern’ to 08031502484. You will get further instructions about the screening process. We will accept just 5 interns.

The training kicks off by next week.

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