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SnapiLABs is a Technology Innovation lab where ideas, codes, frameworks, plugins and passion are mixed to render services and build platforms that solves real life problems.

From A Piece of Paper.

“help businesses 10x their growth”
Written down on a piece of a paper back in 2016, little did the founding team know that those four words would mark the beginning of an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey.

And the team got down to business, working day and night out of a small space to make it happen. Before too long, our first SaaS solution was ready to launch.

Fast-forward to today, that idea on a piece of paper has blossomed into a wonderful bunch of curious people who passionately work toward that the mission, keep evolving and bringing even greater tools to businesses worldwide and at the same time providing a launchpad for netpreneurs.

And to cut it short, that’s pretty much how we got to where we are today. (And frankly, we can’t wait for whatever comes next).

What We Do

Simple… We Mix Ideas, Codes, Plugins & Frameworks To Build Platforms (Mostly SaaS) That Solves Real Life Problem. Problems DIE @ the LAB As We Leverage The Power of Tech Through D=Development, I= Innovation & E= Experimentation.

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The A-Team

Meet the awesome individuals behind SnapiLABs.

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Ifiok Nkem


Steve Tari

Hub Manager

Vaughn Item

Chief Innovation Officer

Darlinton Sobio

Chief Tech Officer

Prince Reubenn

Chief Design Architect

Frances Odili

COO/Hapiness Director

Gbenebara Emmanuel

Director Content

Dan Green

Director, Internship

David Oti

Deirector, Products


Customer Care

Chimezie Kyrian

Cheif Marketing Officer


software Specialist